Design Your Own Custom Band

Custom 1 Stub 1" Tyvek® Full Color Imprint Wristbands

Pricing: $25.00 per 100 ,$55.95 per 500 ,$37.95 per 250 ,$16.95 per 50

Custom 1 Stub 1" Tyvek® Full Color Wristbands are the ideal choice for event planners looking for options! Not only can you customize this wristband with a full color design of your own choosing, you can also customize the stub to feature contests, coat check numbers, event give-aways, free drinks and more. The best part of this 1" custom Tyvek® wristband is that due to its size you have a larger print area! So go ahead and get wild! Add a QR code to boost your website traffic, encourage guests to check out sponsors or even enter an exclusive contest. The possibilities are endless, and with full color your guests are 80% more likely to recall your brand when they see it again.

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